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Traditional Wood Crafts and Pole Lathe turning from Winson Woodcraft

The rural skills revival - Before the modern era of fossil fuel in a pre plastic age, we would have looked to the countryside and woodlands in particular to provide the raw product for most of our every day requirements. Until recently the skills of the Bodger, Hurdle maker, and charcoal burner were largely consigned to the realm of antiquity, distant memories of  an age long since gone. Yet now,  the hedgerows, woods and lanes quiet for so long are once again beginning to stir with human activity. Perhaps as an antidote to an overdose of plastics and synthetics together with an increasing interest in conserving the environment there is now a renewed interest in traditional crafts and countryside skills. Once again products made of real wood from real trees grown here in Britain are being demanded.
Hand made, traditional crafts - Here are some examples of  products we have created, using traditional methods and from wood harvested from sustainable sources. A wide range of our products are available direct from us at local, regional and national farmers markets, craft fairs and festivals. Please ask for details of where you can next see Winson Woodcraft. Postal orders are always welcome. Trade and bulk orders can be arranged.
How it all started - To understand the depth of knowledge and experience that Clive Winson has accumulated throughout the years, we need to delve into his past. Clive's enthusiasm for Countryside Crafts and his love for creating Natural products was founded in North Wales where he studied Countryside Management, forestry, rural Crafts and Woodwork. This knowledge base has since been added to with qualifications in Outdoor Education, Practical Habitat Management and Communication Skills. In 1989, Clive travelled extensively throughout Europe and the U.S.A, gaining experience in outdoor education, crafts and environmental art. In 1992 Clive's wealth of knowledge was put to use with the Countryside Service for Wokingham District Council as one of their Countryside rangers. He soon became an invaluable member of the team and brought with him fresh and exciting new ideas to the role of the Countryside Ranger. This is where Clive had the opportunity to put his ideas into action and put California Country Park 'on the map'. Winson Woodcraft started as a side line outlet for Clive's creative talent and it soon became apparent that he would have to dedicate more of his time and effort to fulfilling his potential. By 1994, Winson Woodcraft was operating full-time and expanding into the business that it is today.
Winson Woodcraft keeping crafts alive -

Because each product is hand made and the availability of the raw timber may be restricted due to seasonal trends and weather conditions, please telephone or e-mail  for details of individual prices,  bulk orders, mainland and international delivery costs.

The Winson Woodcraft 'hand-made' brand on all our genuine hand made products

  • Winson Woodcraft thrives on utilizing materials that have been gathered whilst part of Active Countryside Management.

  • Only sustainable British hardwoods are used in any of the hand-Crafted items produced, thus providing an ecologically sound product.

  • It is our belief that nothing should go to waste - Every part of the tree, from sapling to mature harvested tree is worked with the utmost care and skill to reflect the true value of years it has taken for that tree to grow.

  • Wherever possible, recycled and reclaimed materials are used to give added character and a second life to otherwise wasted wood.

Hand made childrens rocking chairs reclaimed 'gate post' lamps Clive Winson - Pole Lathe Turning demonstations for Schools, Clubs, Shows and Festivals

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